coco and fish.jpg

Fat Tabby

Coco came home the day we moved into our new home.  She is a feisty cat that loves to travel.  During the warmer months, she will be gone for up to 10 days visiting with the neighbors, loving them up.  She eventually comes home, well fed and happy so we know she has been lounging on someone else's couch.



Poppy is a constant companion in the studio.  Typically greeting people and warming the floor.  On this day she decided that she had a better use for the Obvara (firing technique) mixture of flour and yeast that I was using.  In 2021, Poppy turns 10.



Clover is my summertime buddy as she hates the heat.  The studio stays nice and cool all summer.  If I'm not careful I'll shut her in the studio as she hides under the tables.  The only way I know she's here is her soft snore.

Gryph is the cat that shows you his belly anytime you walk near.  He is definitely a DO ME cat.  He wants to be brushed, pet and fed.  He will let you know if you don't give him what we wants.


Beautiful Vocal Boy

Glory, who was born in 2020 and is a beauty all the way around.  She is also a very big puppy.